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Every week at the end of Shabbat, we gather on Zoom to make havdalah together. Different families can volunteer to be our leaders each week. The time varies with twilight. Call the  office for zoom information

Here are more rabbi-recommended resources:

NOTE: Havdalah consists of 3 parts:

  • introductory verses

  • the 4 blessings

  • songs

Only the blessings section is strictly necessary. Introductory verses can be chanted or sung in multiple ways (see below or search for more) or they can be read in English (or even left out). Songs at the end most commonly include "Eliyahu haNavi" and "Shavua Tov", but others can be used too and songs are totally optional.

Some online recordings of different versions/parts to help you learn havdalah:

Traditional Nusach

Clean version of Debbie Friedman's melody (just the blessings)
(note the pause before the third "yi" which I'm told was intentionally written to symbolize the extra Shabbat neshamah (soul/breath) leaving us)

A nice educational video using the Debbie Friedman melody (plus just one introductory verse with an unknown melody) and the folk melody for “Eliyahu haNavi”

This version sung by the Maccabeats is an a cappella combination of a traditional Modzitz Hasidic melody for the introductory verses followed by Debbie Friedman's melody for the Havdalah Blessings, and then a version of “Eliyahu haNavi”

The complete Modzitz Havdalah

Carlebach Melody (really starts around 3:00)

“Shavua Tov” song

The well-known folk melody of “Eliyahu HaNavi”


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